Renewable energy is energy derived from naturally-occurring sources that can be constantly replenished such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power. This contrasts with energy sources like oil and coal, which rely on burning a material which must be found extracted and is not recreated. Renewable energy is often associated with environmentally-friendly, or green energy, since it largely involves the use of clean natural resources, though certain types of renewable energy do produce pollution, and some even argue nuclear power is a renewable energy source. As the global demand for energy increases, renewable energy has become an increasingly important focus around the world, as relying on non renewable energy sources is an unsustainable practice in the long run.


  • Renewable Energy wont run out
  • Maintenance requirements are lower
  • Renewables saves money
  • Renewables energy has numerous health and environmental benefits
  • Renewables lower reliance on foreign energy sources

The Government have introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to encourage people to use renewable energy sources going forward. Please visit the Government website for more information on this incentive. 

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT), which was available for solar PV installations, ended March 2019. Since then, a ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ (SEG) has been introduced. Please visit the OFGEM website for more information.

Please get in touch with us to discuss wanting to move forward with a renewable energy system, and see which would work best for you and your home


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